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In every person there exists a commonality of love. For every parent child leader of nations shows the same sentiment toward all. A love of people and a love of our earth. We are united by this force of which there is no greater and as we stand and adopt a united stance there exists no barriers to attaining the state of peace on earth. 

Intergration of Economies

Coordination of resourcing transportation economic strengths and the optimisation of all countries resources and productivity can only result in a world with sustainable future of peace.

Technologically adavntaged

Through communication and the currency of our existent technologies. Communication in terms of coordination and development of efficient and clearly defined options for developing the future in terms of a sustainable world at peace have never been more advantageous. Technological advancements can only assist and procure a more tangible and attainable future with the world at peace.


Be an Ambassador for peace

Become part of a worldwide initiative that units and frees all of humanity through love and the strength of it uniting us all.

The love of people is unbreakable an insurmountable force that when united will drive all peoples to a singularity of purpose to free us all to live in peace and maintain this state for the remainder of humanities existence. For our children to live in a world where war is unheard of and taught only through history books, where children remain safe and free happy and without discrimination or hatred in their lives, where love that is held in all of our hearts distends and extends to all peoples on earth. Where a commonality of vision success love and equity are values that are held above all others. We are one world we are the inhabitants of earth. We are at peace on earth.


the journey toward peace

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Music unites all in its expression of love and harmony fun and delight. The senses are brought to all emotive states all peoples are touched by music. Be an ambassador for peace utilises music to unite us all in purpose to achieve a state never before attained in our history.




The power of film to educate and resolve and ignite our vision and purpose in life to motivate and drive others to contribute to a clarity of vision that leads to a resolution of peace on earth.



The biotechnological revolution provide health options that will facilitate a far greater standard of living than previously held this can only result in a furthering of cooperative united strategy to achieve world peace.



Common purpose will result in governments and world oranisations cooperating to optimise food resources infrastructure needs and developmental construction, Schools Hospitals roads housing entertainment technological and health options for a far better world at peace with itself.

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